Scheduling a Meet and Greet is your 1st step to joining The Grateful Dawg Pack!

Meet and Greets take place in the pet's home.

Each new client receives a complimentary meet and greet,

which is an important way to introduce your pet to his or her new buddy!

Meet and Greet @ Pets home
$0 / 20 m / pet
Show us around! Meet and Greets in your home are a great way to show us where you keep your pets leash, food/water bowls, boots, treats and everything we need to know about taking care of your Pal! Meet and Greets shouldn't take more than 20 minutes and are great way to get to know your Walker or Sitter. 

**Dog walking, Drop in visits, pet sitting, pet taxi and beach day service meet and greets will be in the pets home. 

*cancelations/rescheduling must be done before 9am the day of scheduled Meet and Greet